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Category: Renewable Natural Gas

U.S. Gain to Purchase Renewable Natural Gas from Three WM Landfills

Appleton, Wis. – June 6, 2023 – U.S. Gain, a U.S. Venture company and a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable energy, has reached an agreement with WM to purchase renewable natural gas (RNG) generated at three WM landfill gas-to-RNG facilities in the United States. By 2026, WM plans to expand its RNG network with 20 new RNG projects in several areas across North America. U.S. Gain will allocate the RNG to its fleet customers in an effort to reduce transportation-related emissions. Today, U.S. Gain is one of the largest third-party RNG customers of WM.

“We’re very excited to join with WM on this milestone project,” said Bryan Nudelbacher, vice president of business development at U.S. Gain. “This is an exciting opportunity to use existing landfill gas to potentially create cleaner fueling solutions within our communities. We’re thrilled to work together with a true industry leader and look forward to continued growth ahead.”

Landfill gas is collected and transformed into renewable energy at 144 of the landfills WM owns or operates along with third-party facilities, comprising the largest landfill gas-to-energy program in North America.

U.S. Gain continues to find innovative ways to optimize gas production at their 39 RNG development sites. For more information on collaborating with U.S. Gain to monetize your RNG opportunity, visit