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Volt Vault™

Are you waiting on electrical infrastructure, needing additional charging capacity, or operating in a remote location? If so, we can help simplify your electric vehicle (EV) adoption with Volt Vault, our patent-pending, natural gas-supplied redeployable EV charger.

Our Volt Vault Product Line 

Charging looks different for everyone. That’s why we built out our Volt Vault line to include onsite power generation and provide DC fast charging up to 175kW with a level 3 charger or up to 16 level 2 chargers.

Want More Information?

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Avoid Barriers to Fleet Electrification

Unlike conventional fueling solutions, EV charging has its own set of considerations, but that shouldn’t deter you from adoption. Volt Vault enables you to: 

Eliminate Infrastructure Wait Time 

Stop waiting for EV infrastructure build out and implement your electrification plan sooner. 

Disconnect from the Grid 

Since Volt Vault is not connected to the grid, you won’t experience capacity constraints or outages that derail your operations. 

Customize Fleet Deployment 

Place Volt Vault where you need it, when you need it—allowing you to easily add routes, increase fleet size, and expand to new locations. 

Control Your EV Budget 

Eliminate demand and time-of-use charges. Additionally, fueling costs are limited to the natural gas (conventional or renewable) you use.

Know Your Fuel Source 

Using natural gas fuel sources allows for better carbon intensity (CI) score transparency—enabling you to make a bigger impact on sustainability goals. 

Expedite Your EV Adoption with Volt Vault

Whether you’re seeking charging resilience, waiting on your utility, or don’t own your property, Volt Vault could be the solution you’ve been looking for to streamline your EV adoption. Reach out to learn how you can get started.