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Thermal Energy Solutions 

Solving for thermal-related scope 1 emissions doesn’t have to be challenging. We'll help you transition to renewable natural gas (RNG) for your building's thermal needs. Through our portfolio of 40+ RNG projects, we provide supply certainty, flexible deal structures, compliance expertise, and gas verification services.

Your Drop-In Renewable Energy Solution to Conventional Natural Gas

If you’re using natural gas for your thermal needs, RNG is a true drop-in solution that doesn’t require infrastructure upgrades or result in interruptions to your operations. The only changes are on paper, and we’ll manage everything for you. You’ll still receive the same molecules of natural gas from the pipeline, but now, you’ll also receive environmental attributes—verifying you’re the only one to claim the emission reductions from your purchased RNG.  

Three Steps to Thermal Emission Reductions

Are you ready to reduce your thermal emissions? Vertically integrated across the energy supply chain, we can help you:  

Evaluate Your Alternatives 

From RNG to responsibly sourced gas (RSG), we’ll work with you to determine your best-fit energy type—defining a decarbonization strategy that aligns with your unique goals and budgetary constraints. 

Procure Energy Supply  

After defining your implementation strategy, we’ll manage energy purchase, procurement, and contracting for your organization. 

Perform Gas Verification 

Experienced with M-RETS and the ISCC/RED II markets, we provide our customers access to verified information on the feedstock, location, and volume of RNG purchased—facilitating sustainability reporting. 

A RNG to Thermal Energy Success Story   

“The decision to switch from fossil natural gas to RNG has enabled the Port of Seattle to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% in 2021—a goal that was initially targeted for 2030. In heating our terminals at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with RNG, we’ve averted ~11,000 tons of carbon emissions per year, allowing us to not only meet, but surpass our stated sustainability goals.” 

– Stephanie Meyn, Climate Program Manager at SEA 

Connect with U.S. for Tailored Thermal Energy Solutions  

Our tenure as a thermal energy company paired with our diversified RNG portfolio connects you to reliable supply and an experienced, in-house compliance team who will help ensure proper reporting and verification. Whether doing incremental adoption or a complete conversion to RNG, we’re here to support you throughout the process.