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Commercial Fuel Marketing 

We've been delivering commercial fuel since 1951—connecting last mile and commercial fleets with refined products and alternative fuels. Through time-tested partnerships with preferred fleet providers, we’ve built scalable trucking relationships to meet your fuel delivery needs and maintain our promise of quality and reliability.

Reliable Commercial Fuel Delivery for Refined Products and Alternative Fuels 

We provide more than just fuel delivery service. We build lasting partnerships that offer flexible financing and volume commitments that minimize your risk—ultimately helping you Stay Ahead ®. Also, through our 24/7 customer call center, our team is always here to help. 

Pair Fuel Delivery with Flexible Financing

We know your fuel needs fluctuate. That’s why we provide personalized fuel contracts with term and volume flexibility. Through our trading, storage, and risk management capabilities, we ensure that our pricing and inventory are unmatched. Whether you’re looking to establish budget certainty, lock in profit margins, have price upside protection, or capture future value along the curve, our team can help. 

Backed by Our Terminal Network and Logistics Capabilities  

We’ve built out a network of 35+ owned and operated terminals and have established relationships with over 200 more. Additionally, we have over 50 alternative fueling stations with third-party dispensing at another 200+ locations—enabling you to secure supply where and when you need it. Licensed to operate in 44 states, we leverage our multimodal logistics capabilities and our eight-million-barrel storage capacity to mitigate supply disruptions and consistently deliver reliable supply.  

Public + Private Alternative Fuel Station Construction

From renewable natural gas and compressed natural gas to renewable diesel, hydrogen, and electric charging, we’ll partner with you to build a public or private, single-fuel or polyfuel alternative fueling station. We can coordinate both delivered supply or on-site production. Whether a new build, site upgrade, or expansion, we can help manage operations and maintenance to keep your site running smoothly.  

How It All Began 

Commercial fuel marketing has always been core to our business. Our founders, brothers Art and Ray Schmidt, bought a fuel oil route in 1951 in Kimberly, Wisconsin—forming Schmidt Brothers Oil Company. Art’s wife, Gladys, took phone calls, managed delivery schedules, and kept the books from their home office while across town, Ray’s wife, Carol, posted receivables from their home. See how we’ve grown from having one local route into a nationwide energy solutions company. 

Connect with U.S. for Tailored Commercial Fuel Supply Agreements

If you’re looking for delivered supply of refined products, alternative fuels, or a combination of both, we’re here to help. From stable supply to flexible financing, creative logistics, and comprehensive support, we can streamline your fuel delivery services.