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RNG Projects

We're partnering with leading energy developers on renewable natural gas (RNG) projects—upgrading raw biogas to RNG, also known as biomethane. After gas production, we connect it to optimal end markets as an alternative fuel, feedstock, or renewable energy source.

Tenured and Trusted Across RNG Markets  

We’ve diversified our portfolio of owned developments and offtake agreements to include dairy, landfill, wastewater, and food waste RNG supply. This translates to a breadth of knowledge, established industry partnerships, and a proven track record that will help your project go further, faster. 

Our Footprint by the Numbers 

RNG projects
RNG distribution points in transportation
RNG distribution points in hydrogen + thermal markets

Expedite Your RNG Project Success with an Experienced Partner

When it comes to renewable natural gas production and procurement, selecting the right partner is crucial. From project development and maintenance to gas and credit marketing, we’ll shoulder the complexity and provide guidance to maximize gas production and profitability. 

Your RNG Partner for Any Project at Any Stage 

We’re more than just leaders in RNG marketing. As a vertically integrated provider, our involvement throughout all stages of the RNG development process helps you optimize: 

  • Funding 
  • Design + Engineering 
  • Construction
  • Operations + Maintenance 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Credit Trading 
  • Natural Gas Offtake + Marketing 

Streamline Your Biogas Project, from Development to Market

As part of our commitment to moving your project forward, we pair advisory insights with flexibility that helps you navigate market intricacies. We remove barriers to: 


As a privately held company, our tenure and financial backing allow us to absorb risk that new market entrants cannot. 


Project uptime is key. That’s why we move quickly to get new projects into production and RNG supply to market. 


We keep your project on schedule while sharing upstream and downstream trends that may impact your business. 

Deal Structure

From fixed to variable pricing agreements, we offer flexible deal structures that align with your unique business needs. 


When it comes to our deals, what you see is what you get. We provide upfront pricing options without hidden fees. 


We integrate process improvements to help maximize gas output and minimize your environmental footprint. 

Comprehensive Compliance Services

From initial construction and site operations to facility registration and gas marketing, we’ll ensure your project is completed in accordance with industry regulations. Our tenure in RNG development and gas marketing paired with our established relationships with Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) providers allows you to expedite RNG production and credit monetization.

Your Advisor in Biogas Feedstock Applications

As the uses for renewable natural gas continue to diversify, we’re looking ahead to connect your gas to favorable end markets. Our tenure in offtake markets includes: 

RNG as an Alternative Fuel 

Through our network of 50+ owned and operated compressed natural gas (CNG) stations and 200+ distribution points into transportation, we’re connecting fleets with RNG supply. Our tenure in state and federal low carbon fuel programs further allows us to maximize your return. 

RNG as a Feedstock 

Many organizations are seeking RNG supply as a feedstock for hydrogen, renewable diesel, methanol, and liquified natural gas (LNG) production. To satisfy that demand, we’re providing US-based companies with supply in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

RNG in Voluntary Markets 

Utilities, data centers, and organizations are purchasing RNG to fulfill voluntary carbon reduction goals—using the gas as a renewable (thermal) energy source. Experienced with M-RETS and ISCC/RED II markets, we’ll ensure your RNG supply is properly tracked and verified. 

Connect with U.S. to Optimize Your Next RNG Project

If you want to maximize gas output, market your RNG supply and credits to lucrative end users, or simplify your compliance and reporting process, having the right partner is key. Navigate your next RNG project with confidence with us by your side.