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Fuel Logistics

We provide fuel certainty amidst volatile market conditions—reacting quickly to ensure you have product where (and when) you need it. Through our nationwide terminal network and multi-modal logistics capabilities, we deliver unconventional solutions that mitigate fuel shortages, disruptions, and delays.

Your Network for Strategic Fuel Distribution

Annually, we move over eight billion gallons of refined products and alternative fuels across North America using our pipeline, rail, barge, and trucking logistics capabilities. The benefit to you? Timely delivery, supply security, and competitive pricing that helps you fulfill your fuel obligations. 

Refined Products We Transported in 2023

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Learn More About Our Multimodal Channels

Pipeline Logistics  

We transport nearly 150 million barrels of refined products a year through the West Shore, Badger, Wolverine, Buckeye, Kinder Morgan (SFPP and Calnev), Colonial, Explorer, Magellan, Plantation, and Longhorn pipelines. These pipelines span more than 20,000 miles.

Rail Logistics

With capacity on the CN, UP, CP, and WSOR lines, we move over 100,000 barrels of refined products annually. Additionally, we’ve integrated international rail connectivity, rail transloading, and rail-capable siding at many of our owned or operated terminals. 

Barge Logistics

Margaret, our company-owned barge, has both domestic and international shipping capabilities with a 100,000-barrel capacity. Since 2018, Margaret has transported more than 27 million barrels of petroleum products across the Great Lakes. 

Trucking Partnerships 

We’ve established time-tested relationships with a network of reliable fleet partners—allowing you to confidently deliver fuel anywhere in the United States. 

Dependable Refined Products Terminal Storage

With over 35 refined products terminals and relationships with 200 more, our nationwide footprint offers strategic throughput opportunities—mitigating against supply shortages and storage needs.  

Rail Freight Services to Keep Your Products on Track

Our rail transload facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Pecos, Texas, are positioned to move your refined products, lumber, steel, dry bulk, and other products across 48 states. Able to collectively accommodate upwards of 80 railcars at a time, these facilities allow for manifest railcars to be transloaded in an expedited manner to avoid supply disruptions and operational inefficiencies.

Partner with U.S. For Your Fuel Distribution

Complex fuel logistics require customizability. What works in one scenario, likely won’t in another. We leverage our in-house trading floor and terminal network to secure and store the product you need while coordinating multimodal transport that fits your unique needs—ensuring market disruptions don’t impact your operations.