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Forestry Projects

As more organizations turn to carbon credits to meet their stated carbon reduction goals, forestry project owners have an opportunity to capitalize on these credit sales. We will partner with you to generate and market credits from your forestry projects—completing the required and often complex verification and data reporting process on your behalf.

Comprehensive Support to Expedite Your Carbon Project  

Starting a new forestry project takes time and resources—a process we’ll help simplify. Tenured in carbon credits, forestry projects, and credit trading, we offer end-to-end project support. 

Feasibility Study

Before your project can begin generating credits, we can help execute baseline audits, site mapping, testing, and reporting.

Credit Generation

Our team will help optimize your project, market your credits on key carbon registries, and ensure proper data governance—for any project type. 

Ongoing Management

We’ll manage your compliance and reporting needs—accounting for changes in regulations while connecting your credits with end-users.

Your Partner for Forestry Carbon Credits

We’re not new to forestry projects or carbon credits. We own a US-based project along the Mississippi River in Illinois and Kentucky. Drawing on that experience and our tenured, in-house trading floor, our team can assist with your improved forest management plans, reforestation efforts, and permanent conservation easements.

Our Capabilities. Your Forestry Carbon Advisor.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • CO₂ Calculations
  • Project Design + Documentation
  • Inventory Methodology
  • GIS Mapping
  • Registry Listings
  • Price Floor Guarantees
  • Forest Management Plan Development
  • Soil Inventory Sampling

Benefit from an In-House Trading and Compliance Team

When you partner with us, we will market your carbon credits with ease thanks to our internal trading floor and tenured compliance team. Pairing the breadth of credits we transact daily with our history of working within voluntary carbon markets, we’ll help you maximize return while adhering to reporting standards.  

Receive Transparency about Forestry Carbon Credit Standards

There are various standards governing how carbon credits are generated, marketed, and audited—with some more stringent than others. Our deep insight into these standards will help you align with key registries, optimize your credit value, and receive transparency about reporting requirements.  

Connect with U.S. on Carbon Forestry Projects

Are you looking to generate a supply of carbon credits from your forestry project? Market and monetize your credits with an integrated trading partner? Stay in compliance with minimal work on your end? We’re here to help.