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U.S. Energy™ Launches Its Volt Vault™ EV Charging Product Line

Appleton, Wis., May 20, 2024 – U.S. Energy™, a leading provider of refined products, alternative fuels, and environmental credits, formally launched its Volt Vault™ product line at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Housed within a 40-foot shipping container, Volt Vault is a patent-pending EV charging solution that uses (renewable) natural gas to generate electricity onsite, on demand without reliance on the electrical grid.

Unlike traditional charging infrastructure that takes on average nine to 24 months to install, Volt Vault can be deployed in four months: from the start of manufacturing through commissioning and permitting. As an off-grid solution, Volt Vault provides resiliency measures to fleets’ charging strategies while offering flexibility as fleets scale or relocate. It is not subject to grid outages, capacity constraints, or demand and time-of-use charges—resulting in reliable electricity supply at a stable price per kilowatt hour.

“Standard charging solutions rely on battery technology. This introduces new variables and emerging technologies to your operations. With Volt Vault, that’s not the case,” shared Jerry Miller, director of electrification business development at U.S. Energy. “As a natural gas-based charging alternative, we integrate existing, proven systems and components to meet medium- and heavy-duty fleets’ infrastructure needs in line with their vehicle deliveries.”

Acknowledging each fleets’ sustainability, operational, and financial needs are unique, Volt Vault’s model configurations enable organizations to:

  • Select a level 2 or 3 charging model (with up to sixteen or two charging ports respectively)
  • Define their desired blend of renewable and/or conventional natural gas
  • Receive gas supply through a pipeline interconnect or from onboard gas storage
  • Choose from a purchase, leasing, or financing payment model

U.S. Energy is positioned to help fleets expedite adoption, ensuring EV deployment the way you need it. For more information on how your organization can get started with Volt Vault, contact Jerry Miller at


Media Contacts
Stephanie Lowney, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation
U.S. Energy, a U.S. Venture company

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